Patient Stories: Oncology Nurse Appreciation Letters


In recognition of Oncology Nursing Month in May, Caring4Cancer called for nominations for the Caring4Cancer Oncology Nurse of the Year Award. The winner of the 2007 Caring4Cancer Oncology Nurse Award was Vikki Wagner of Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, who was nominated by Judy Johnson. We were overwhelmed by the extent that patients valued their oncology nurses. The following are a few of the other nominations we received.

Ella Recognizes Emily at North West Medical Specialties (Puyallup, Wash.)

Being an oncology nurse can not be the easiest of professions, yet it is one that shows true human compassion. When I first went to the cancer center, Emily was assigned to be my nurse. She showed honesty, heart, and friendship all on my first day with her. It takes a very special person to know how to manage a cancer patient's needs. Emily always made me feel that there were good things for me.

When I chose to stop my chemo treatments, she understood my need to live a happy, full life. She has always treated me as a whole person, not one that has a measured time to live. Giving care and attention to very sick patients day in and day out takes heart and soul, Emily showed that every day to us with her work ethics and love of mankind. Thank you, Emily. I will always cherish your friendship.

Lisa Salutes John's Work at Rocky Mountain Cancer Center (Colorado)

During my 5 weeks of chemo (Sept. 19-Oct. 20, 2006) I was scared, concerned, unaware of my future, and didn't feel good at all. But I never felt alone. I met John on the first day of my treatment, and knew from that day on, I could relax because I knew the warmth, caring, knowledgeable, concerned person I would see each and every one of the days I had to go the RMCC. And that person was John. He is outstanding at what he does each day, he is smart, he is caring, and he is sincere, and I know because of John I got thru this time in my life much easier then I would have if I didn't have him there to take care of me. He is truly an "Angel" here on earth. I thank GOD everyday he was mine!

Stephanie Honors Jennifer J.

Jen J. not only has helped me through such emotional, stressful times with my leukemia battle, but she has become a lifelong friend. It's not too often you make friends while in the hospital, but because of Jen's commitment to putting a smile on my face every time I see her, it means the world to me. Jen has not only given her full attention to my needs, but she has offered mentoring advice to get me through some of the toughest situations ever in my life, and because of her, I am successful and I have overcome my leukemia. Jen always takes the extra step to help a patient, and she will forever be my friend. People come and go in one's lifetime, but a true friend stays forever. I thank God everyday that I met her.

Delori Appreciates Tracy at Augusta Oncology

I live 1,400 miles away from my mom who has colon cancer. My mother’s nurse Tracy is just an e-mail away to help answer all my questions, calms my fears, and keeps me updated on my mom's treatment. Tracy is prompt with her response as well as understanding and caring. I know that Tracy is busy with her day-to-day work and spends time with her clients, yet she is always there for me, too, even though I am so far away.

Saniyyah Recognizes Sabina from Sarah Cannon Cancer Center

I’ve had non-Hodgkin's lymphoma for 3½ months and every time I come to see my doctor she always greets me with a bright smile. Always encourages me to look at the bright side of my illness. When I go to my treatments she always has an upbeat attitude. She asks me how things are going with me physically and emotionally. She always reminds that I will get through this and this is curable and that things are going to get better. Even when I am there at the office on my "bad days" she always manages to give me something to smile about. She's very wonderful.

Bernadette and Family Thank Ariella from Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center

The nurses at CPMC 6 Hudson North have been taking care of my husband who has RCC. Their caring and dedication to patients have been excellent. When my husband is in pain or needs just to talk to someone they are there. Their caring and understanding way is so greatly appreciated by me and my family; no words can describe it. To be a nurse I believe is truly a great gift from God, and they are blessed to be able to extend their caring, dedication, and compassion to patients in need. I nominate all the nurses on 6 Hudson North for their great contribution to caring for the cancer patients on this floor.

Gilbert Praises Beverly's Care from Northwest Oncology & Hematology Associates (Florida)

Beverly is an experienced, knowledgeable, caring, and helpful nurse. She handles emergencies and treatments with thought and appropriate concern. She is always available to discuss any concerns and makes comforting answers to problems that arise. She is well liked by her patients and the doctors with whom she is associated.

Paula Honors James from Cancer Institute of Florida PA

In a place and time of fear and frightening surroundings, James is like a gentle shepherd, tending his flock of scared and sick sheep. He always listens softly, he always has some good ideas on ways to help you feel better. You can trust James to know what to do and what you need. He will take care of you.

His kind and quiet demeanor makes you (the oncology patient) feel like everything is going to be OK. He is an inspiration to all who know him. He is loved by all the patients in the cancer center (and the staff).

Jennifer Salutes Felicia at Duke University Medical Center, PDC

Felicia has made all the difference in the care and comfort I have received throughout my treatments. She has been a blessing to me and I know to many others. She is always concerned, encouraging, helpful, and sweet. I can always count on her to make me feel better and take care of any problems that I may be having. She is really on top of things and I never have to wait long for a return phone call, a prescription, or doctor's orders. In what has to be a really busy business, with so many other patients besides myself, she makes me feel special. To me though, she is also really special. I couldn't have had a better, more efficient, wonderful, caring nurse. She is the best!

Lillie Thanks Betty at Mabry Cancer Center

Betty is very knowledgeable about cancer, caring, takes time to listen to you, explain what she is doing and why. She was patient with me and others she was taking care of. She always had a beautiful smile, and is friendly with patients. She took the time to get to know me the person, along with getting to know me the patient. If I asked a question she wasn't sure of the answer for, she would ask the other nurse Ms. Paula or look it up. When I wanted to present a cancer workshop at my church, Betty helped me with literature and other materials I needed for my presentation. When I go back for doctor checkups I try to go back to the chemo area to say hello to her. I'm very grateful for the care provided to me by Betty and the entire staff at the Mabry Cancer Center in Orangeburg, S.C.

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